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Eco burning pellets have become the most preferred method of heating in recent years. Their exceptionally high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness make them an increasingly preferred fuel both in Bulgaria and in Europe. We have set up our high-tech manufacturing plant to be able to produce first-class pellets at good prices, both for the Bulgarian and international markets. 

Our vision

The mission of the company is to fulfill the expectations and requirements of the clients by building a long-term partnership, taking care of the progress of the employees and helping the progress of the society and the economy in the sense of economic and social security for the people. The goals of the company are business achievements, satisfied customers, co-owners and employees.

Taking care of nature

We are a socially and socially engaged company and one of our top priorities is to help protect the environment. The pellets we produce are made from scrap wood, and this is to avoid cutting down trees to produce them.

More satisfied customers

The main goal of our team is to satisfy the needs of you - our clients. We at Marinella pellets team are constantly working to optimize the quality of our product so that each and every one of our customers is extremely pleased.

Satisfied employees

Our employees are extremely important to us because without their skills and precision the manufacturing process would be impossible. Thank you to every member of our team for their tireless work.


We work to achieve high goals!

We have set up our high-tech factory so that we can meet the high requirements for the production of quality eco pellets. Choosing Marinella pellets guarantees you:

  1. A reliable business partner you can count on. 
  2. Always a quality A1 product, free of adhesives, sand, soil and other impurities.
  3. Constant stock in stock.
  4. Flexible pricing and discounts for key customers and suppliers.
  1. Extremely high quality packaging consisting of 4 layers of polyethylene, which guarantees the preservation of production.
  2. Provided transportation at client's request.
  3. Pellets of 100% dry coniferous wood with low ash content and other inorganic compounds. 


Read our customer FAQs:


We strive to make pricing flexible and as accurate as possible with every request. Prices depend on the quantities requested, whether transport will be included and the season. To get a quote please use the contact form - we will contact you shortly and offer you a quote.

Thanks to strict quality control, homogeneous raw materials from proven suppliers and the high-tech equipment at our disposal, we can guarantee the production of always first-class production!

Yes, at the client's request we can provide transport, which will be additionally calculated in the offer you will receive!

How can I order?

Follow these 3 steps to get the most accurate information on how to request the right quantities of high quality Pellets Marinel pellets.



Please, leave your inquiry through our convenient contact form or contact us at the phone number provided.



A staff member will contact you to discuss your request in detail.



Delivery or dispatch from our production base will be arranged at a convenient time for you.

The benefits of pellet heating.


Wood pellets are refined and compacted biomass fuel, which is formed when wood residues are compressed into a uniform high-pressure diameter. Wood pellets have the same shape, size and density and are ideal for automatic combustion heating systems such as pellet stoves. By granulating wood residues from sustainably harvested biomass and quality waste wood, millions of tonnes of biomass can be utilized to work for the local economy while preserving the environment. Most of the residues are actually by-products of the wood industry in the form of sawdust, which is pressed and extruded in the form of pellets.

Eco pellets are:

  • calorie than wood - pellets, respectively, are the more efficient way of heating.
  • their combustion process is automated - no frequent charging and monitoring of the boiler is required.
  • Maintenance of the boiler is minimal and costs little attention.
  • Extremely environmentally friendly fuel - the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere is minimal.

Percentage ratio of some of the benefits of pellets over other heating sources:


More caloric 


More environmentally friendly


Easier to use


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